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Frequently Asked Questions: Policies

Can I make changes on a reproducible master?

Yes. On a Vellum Master, your architect or engineer can make changes using xerographic eradicator fluid, or a dark grey ink eraser in an electric eraser. PDF Masters and Auto CAD Electronic Masters can be changed using compatible software.

Can I get an address where a plan has been built, so I can see the finished home?

Sorry, we are unable to provide the location of where our designs have been constructed. All of our customer's information (including yours) is confidential.

We do however, feature some construction pictures on our Home Plan Blog. To see a sample of our designs constructed check out the Constructed Home Plans category on our blog.

What is your return policy?

Plans are printed in response to your order, so we cannot accept returns. You may exchange your entire printed order for an 80% credit toward a new order. No return or exchange of Masters or Material Lists.

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